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Sora Vanitas streaming on Twitch!

Check out his stream on twitch! He plays live music and streams all of our events!

Guild Wars 2 - 10 year Anniversary Tribute Concert!!

We present to you a tribute concert to celebrate Guild Wars 2 hitting 10 years! We'll be in NA servers in Lion's Arch by the "Van Leopald Memorial" statue. (Behind the cooking station by trading post.)


Most Loyal Fan!

Jilly Beene, our most loyal fan, has stuck it out with us since before we created who and what we are! Thank you for always being there to listen with all the love and kindness you bring.

*art by Doot*

YouTube hits 100 subscribers!!

Thanks to all our fans for making it to 100 subs! We appreciate all of you for supporting what we do! Thank you!

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